AT 9343

Product line La Perle
Finishing Black glass / INOX frame
Appliance type Wall-mouted hood
Operating modes Exhaust air-/ recirculating air operation
Operation Electronic full sensor control with programmer
Intelligent System
Display Multifunctional multilanguage TFT-Touchscreen coloured display with plaintext
Energy efficiency class B
Power units 1 x Motor
Lighting type 2 x LED
Dimensions H × W × D, (cm) 78,0 × 90,0 × 40,8
Product details

Black glass / INOX frame

Cooker hood type

Wall-mouted hood with automatic opening

Energy efficiency class



Electronic TFT Touch screen full sensor control with programmer Intelligent System

Child safety lock




Type of lighting


The number and power of the lamps (W)

2 x 1,5


Exhaust / Recirculation

Number of Blower speeds


Max. air flow, extraction / recirculation (m³/h)

1200 / 1000

Noise, extraction / recirculation (dbA)

61 / 71

Material of the grease filter


Charcoal filter (Pcs)


Telescopic tube (cm)

40,5 – 80,5


Electronic timer with sensor-controlled programmer

Timer / minute minder


LED operation indicator


Full sensor control

Electronic control with Touch control operation

Automatic power reduce function


Filter cover

with telescopic cylinder

Exhaust / Recirculation

yes / yes

Grease filter

Grease filter, dishwasher-suitable

Charcoal filter


Technical specifications
Dimensions H × W × D, (cm)

89,0 x 90,0 x 40,8

Power source


Mains voltage (V)

220 – 240

Frequency (Hz)


Power consumption (kW)


Meets safety


Net weight (kg)


Gross weight (kg)


Electricity consumption per year (kWh)


Product line

La Perle

Intelligent System Electronic control

Optimization of all functions of the device thanks to the modern Intelligent System.

Exhaust air operation mode

The metal grease filter purifies cooking vapours and smells by absorbing the fat and other tiny particles in the kitchen fumes. By necessity, the air exhaust pipes can be either connected to the exhaust air conduction or directed to the outside.

Recirculation operation mode

It is not always possible to connect the fume extractor hood to the ventilation system. In this case, the extractor hoods by Kaiser can operate as a filtering system. The metal grease filter absorbs the fat and other tiny particles from the cooking vapours first, then the odorous substances and micro particles are directed through the activated charcoal filter. The cooking vapours and fumes return purified into the kitchen.

Aluminium corrugated pipe

Used in exhaust mode, this aluminium pipe with 150 mm diameter is easy to use and assemble.It can be bent as needed and stretched along the length. Thanks to its low weight it doesn’t require additional fixing, also the aluminum corrugated pipes have a long-time use.

By connecting pipes with 120 mm diameter use the included adapter.

Metal grease filter

This long-life filter is made of stainless materials (stainless steel and aluminium).

Grease filters should be cleaned every two months during normal operation of the hood in a dishwasher or manually, using mild detergent or liquid soap.

Charcoal filter

This filter is made of chemically treated activated carbon with a high absorption capacity: it is capable of retaining particles of contaminating substances, the weight of which exceeds five times its own weight. The carbon filter copes with the removal of various smells, smoke and steam impurities. Install the charcoal filters for workin in the recirculation mode.

Perimeter suction

Equal air intake can be made by cooker hoods of various structure. These cooker hoods provide permanent air supply through the slots on the entire perimeter of the hinged panel. Behind this panel charcoal and/or grease filters are hidden. Perimeter suction is possible due to the Venturi effect, named after the Italian physicist Giovanni Venturi, who discovered it.