Electronic control system

Electronic control Intelligence System take control of the preparation process while you read your favorite book or watch a favorite show.

You can either opt for a pre-programmed recipe or enter your favorite meal into the system yourself. For each cooking mode, the oven offers a recommended temperature and time. However, you can always change the temperature and time to prepare according to your preference.


AirFry mode ensures crispy, evenly cooked and tasty results without the addition of oil or grease.

Air-Fry Kaiser Appliances
Ergonomic decorative elements

All our appliances from the retro collection have  the toggles made of the solid metal bronze or antique gold, which, together with  the door handles and decorative elements in the same style, will give your kitchen even more charm.


Using an electric rotisserie makes your favorite dishes more delicious. Depending on your culinary imagination, you can use the rotisserie spit together with the infrared grill, resulting in superior results in the preparation of your dishes. The infrared grill is ideal if you like to prepare fish, steaks or toasts in the oven. If you like to eat crispy dishes, you can bake with the oven door open or using the fan.

Temperature probe

Some of our ovens are equipped with the temperature probe and the integrated socket. Plug the probe into your dish, select the desired temperature in the oven and that of the dish and press the start button. When your dish, such as a piece of meat, reaches the temperature you set, the oven and temperature sensor will automatically turn off and sound an audible signal to inform you.

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