In addition to the EH 6344 in the La Perle design line, which our customers love, Kaiser is proud to present the AT 9343, a new 90-cm cooker hood with TFT display that adds style and functionality to your kitchen.


Kaiser Intelligent System - easy to use

Kaiser Intelligent System is an innovative control system with which many of our appliances are equipped, including the new AT 9343 cooker hood. Intelligent System offers a number of advantages that increase user-friendliness and allow the user to customise the cooker hood to suit individual needs.

TFT display

The AT 9343 extractor hood is equipped with a large, bright and colourful TFT display that offers instant access to the main extraction system functions: lighting, speed and timer. Simply touch the symbol on the display to access the desired function and adjust the settings. Once the desired settings have been selected, operation of the extraction system starts automatically: the central panel of the air cleaner moves to the open position, no additional start button needs to be pressed. During operation of the extraction system, all parameters can be changed at any time by pressing the corresponding symbol on the display.


The AT 9343 is equipped with an LED lighting system. Use the controller on the display to select the desired lighting power.

Powerful and efficient motor

The AT 9343 cooker hood has a powerful motor with a maximum output of up to 1250 m³/h, which places our new air cleaner in the semi-professional category.  What is the airflow rate of an extract unit? This is the volume of air (in m3) that the appliance can clean or extract from a kitchen in one hour of operation.

The speed control scale has 5 steps: from 0 to 4 and intensive mode indicated by the letter “B”. If intensive mode is selected, the air cleaner will operate at the maximum speed for 2.5 minutes, after which it automatically switches to speed 4. The lowest and intermediate speeds are used under normal conditions and for low vapour concentration. The maximum speed should only be used when there are high concentrations of vapours, e.g. during grilling.

The cooker hood has a stylish design and can be installed wall-mounted. With our new cooker hood, you can get the most out of your kitchen.

Other functions

For greater comfort, the appliance is equipped with an electronic programming device that enables the automatic switching off of the air cleaner after a specific period of time to be programmed. To access the timer function, while the air cleaner is running, press the “Delay Power Off” symbol on the display. The time after which the air cleaner stops operating can be selected using the regulator that appears on the display. The timer scale has 5 steps, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. To see the time left, simply touch the timer symbol on the display at any time. Once the programmed time has been reached the air cleaner will stop and go into standby mode. The central panel of the air cleaner automatically moves to the closed position and the lighting switches off.

Holiday mode allows you to take care of clean indoor air while you are away by activating the appliance at regular intervals and cleaning the air. To activate this mode, press the “Holiday Mode” symbol. From then on, and for an unlimited period of time, your appliance will automatically switch on every 12 hours and purify the air for 15 minutes at speed 1, after which it will automatically switch off.

Ventilation mode allows you to take care of the cleanliness of the air in your home. To activate this mode, press the Ventilation mode symbol. Use the control bar that appears on the display to set the air-cleaning system’s operating parameters: the time after which the air-cleaner will stop operating (maximum 30 minutes) and the operating speed.

Operation in extraction mode

When the appliance is in extraction mode, the air is ducted to the outside through a special duct. This completely eliminates cooking smells, smoke and steam and keeps your kitchen fresh and clean without the need for a charcoal filter.

Operation in recirculation mode

It is not possible to connect a cooker hood to the ventilation system everywhere. In this case, Kaiser cooker hoods can serve as air filters. This is an alternative way of operating the hood, in which contaminated air from the kitchen passes through the filter system and is cleaned and then fed back into the kitchen via the openings on both sides of the overhead pipe. With this type of installation, a charcoal filter must be installed.


With this function, the cooker hood extracts air from the kitchen, passes it through a filter that removes odours, smoke and steam, and then returns the purified air back into the kitchen. This removes cooking smells and keeps the air in the kitchen fresh.

The advantage of the recirculating air function is that it does not require the installation of ventilation ducts to escape to the outside, so the installation of such a hood is usually easier. However, the filtering system of a recirculating exhaust hood needs regular filter changes so that it can continue to effectively remove contaminants from the air.

Corrugated aluminium tube (included)

The 150 mm corrugated aluminium air vent pipe is easy to install. It can be bent and stretched as required, and thanks to its low weight it does not require additional fixing. It is a pipe that will last a very long time. It is used to connect the exhaust ventilation to the extractor hood.

Use the supplied adapter when installing a 120 mm ventilation pipe.

The advantage of corrugated aluminium pipes is their flexibility, which allows for easy manipulation and installation in hard to reach places. They are also lightweight, strong and durable, resistant to corrosion and not prone to rot.

Corrugated aluminium pipes can be used for both air discharge systems and fresh air systems. They can be connected to other types of pipes, such as corrugated stainless steel pipes or plastic pipes, by means of connecting elements.

Metal grease filter

The metal filter is the main component that is installed inside the cooker hood and is designed to trap grease, dust and other impurities that can be extracted from the air during cooking in the kitchen. This filter consists of layers of metal mesh that trap grease and other impurities. It can be easily removed and cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

The advantage of metal grease filters is their durability and reusability. However, such filters can be less effective at capturing odours and other contaminants that are not related to grease. Also, if the filter is not cleaned regularly, it may stop working properly and need to be replaced.

In normal operation, grease filters should be cleaned every two months in the dishwasher or in the bathtub with mild detergent or liquid soap.

Charcoal filter

This filter consists of a material filled with activated charcoal, which has a high absorption capacity. When the air passes through this filter, odours and other impurities are captured and trapped on the surface of the material, which is particularly important for kitchens where intense aroma is being prepared. These filters absorb odours until they are saturated. They should not be washed or reapplied. They should be replaced at least every 6 months, and more frequently in the case of exceptionally intensive use.

We wish you effective use of our cooker hood.



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