Microwave ovens


Microwaves with different designs  – glass and stainless steel with anti-touch efficiency or retro design – can be combined with other household appliances and give your wishes free space when designing the kitchen.


The microwave is equipped with a system of tangential cooling of the outer body, which protects the kitchen furniture from excessive heating.  The glass turntable and the stainless steel grill  offer you the opportunity to prepare the food in different ways using the quartz grill.

Stainless steel cooking chamber

All microwaves have stainless steel cooking space. The microwave is also sold together with the stainless steel grill grate and turntable, which are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Intelligent System

The electronic operation Intelligent system allows you to select the operating functions, pre-program them with the time, enter various programs for defrosting or heating dishes. If you select a certain operating function, then you can not only defrost, heat up, etc., but also prepare your favorite dishes like in an oven. The special feature of this microwave is the automatic thawing, which is carried out with regard to the mass of the dish and the set preparation time. A few movements are enough to get a well-thawed product in just a few minutes!

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