Cool & Freeze

Environment protection

Refrigerators are your best partners you can rely on to store and receive fresh and healthy food. The optimal combination of refrigerators and freezer compartments, the use of environmentally and health-friendly fabrics and materials in addition to the latest technological developments are just some of the features that make refrigerators Kaiser so attractive for all those who care about their health.


The wine refrigerators can contain up to 20 wine bottles and 63 beer cans.  5 pull-out wooden shelves, 3 chrome-plated height-adjustable storage surfaces, circulation cooling, UV-resistant two-glass doors and ironbarrel – all about comfort.

Temperature control

Electronic operation Dual Zone: Each drink (wine/beer) can be stored in a suitable climate zone: in the beer zone at the temperature of 0 to 5 °C, in the wine zone at 5 to 20 °C.


Refrigerators side-by-side offer you plenty of space for the storage of your food, the technical progress and optimal comfort in operation.  The fridge-freezers side-by-side have LED lighting in the two  chambers  and the door shelves on the two doors. This makes it possible to store the various foods with a high level of comfort.


Leather covered door handle made of solid metal Antique Gold with convex crest complements the design of your kitchen.

Drinking water dispenser

The drinking water dispenser ensures a constant supply of refreshing water. Easy to use – just press the lever and watch your glass fill with chilled water. This feature helps you and your family have a glass of cool water on hand throughout the day.

Intelligent System

The electronic control ensures full control over the electronic systems of the device and the optimization of their work. It also offers a wide range of temperature regulation from – 22ºC to +8ºC, allowing flexible and accurate adjustment for maximum food storage.


The device has an ergonomic ice cube station with self-discharge system and allows quick and convenient preparation of ice cubes.

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