Convenient and responsive

Induction hob with heating elementsn Free-Zone allow the cookware to be placed arbitrarily, without worrying about the number and size. The Barbecue and Teppan Yaki features  allow you to experiment in your kitchen. In barbecue mode, the food is cooked for a long time at a temperature of ~180 °C. Thus, the dishes become surprisingly tender and tasty.  In Teppan Yaki mode, the dishes are heated to approximately 230 °C. Due to the high temperature, the intensity and speed of processing of the products increase, which allows them to maintain their beneficial properties and bright taste.

Not just black

Decorate your kitchen with our hotplates in an unforgettable design.  The graphic is applied to the underside of the glass and protected against abrasion. Traces that are common after prolonged use of standard surfaces with black coloring will not be seen on our models.  Designer hotplates with different surface designs will put you in a good mood. The result: qualitatively prepared dishes.

Gas hobs

Ergonomic and comfortable cooking grids are made of high quality cast iron . The cooking grids have no sharpcorners and can be cleaned very easily. They can be cleaned in standard kitchen sinks or dishwashers. The buttons of all gas hobs are made of high quality solidmetal  and look stylish. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the buttons are very convenient for gas adjustment and also excellent for cleaning.

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