HC 93691 IRS

Product line AvantgardePRO
Finishing Black steel with Anti touch Effekt
Appliance type Electric cooker with induction hob
Oven type Multi 8 Multifunctional electric oven (top and bottom heat, hot air system, infrared grill 8 operating modes)
Hob type Ceramic glass hob
Heating elements 5 induction cooking zones with Power-function (Booster), therefrom 2 flexInduction-zones and 1 circuit cooking zone
Operation Electronic sensor-controlled programmer Intelligent System with metal rotary knobs
Energy efficiency class A
Lighting type 2 x Lampe
Self-clean function Catalytic self-clean enamel
Dimensions H × W × D, (cm) 90,0 × 90,0 × 60,0
Product details

Black stainless steel with Anti touch Effekt

Oven type

Multi 8 Multifunctional electric oven (top and bottom heat, hot air system, infrared grill – 8 operating modes)

Hob type


Hob top

Ceramic glass

Energy efficiency class



Electronic sensor-controlled programmer Intelligent System with rotary knobs

Control panel

Black steel

Control knobs

Ergonomical rotary INOX knob

Door handle

Metal / INOX

Number of Programs




Type of lighting

2 × Lamp

Indicator lights


Parboil Electronics


Cooking zone control

Slider Touch Control

Cooking zones

5 QuickHeat Induction zones, among them2 × 2 flexible FREE-ZONE1 circle zone, all with Power function

Front left

21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW

Front right

21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW

Heating elements

Induction cooking zones

High speed heating Power (Booster)


Hob top

Ceramic glass

Hob type


Middle central

Ø 21,0 cm – 2,3 (3,0 Power function) kW

Middle left

39,0 / 21,0 cm – 3,0 (3,6 Power-Funktion) kW Doppelkochzone

Middle right

39,0 / 21,0 cm – 3,0 (3,6 Power-Funktion) kW Doppelkochzone

Rear left

21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW

Rear right

21,0 / 19,0 cm – 1,8 (2,1 Power function) kW

Rectangular induction zones


Residual heat indicators


Oven type

Multi 8 Multifunctional electric oven (top and bottom heat, hot air system, infrared grill – 8 operating modes)

Number of heating modes


Temperature control

infinitely variable

Gross capacity (L)


Nettokapazität nach EU-Standards (L)



with easy-clean antiallergic enamel

Spit with motor


Shelf support rails


Rack levels


Oven door

Triple-glazed glass door (removable door and inner panel) and recipe table on the panoramic glass


Fully electronic Touch control switch with programmer

Short-cycle timer


LED operation indicator


Start time delay


Multifunction roast shelf (Pcs)

1 × chromed

Baking tray with non-stick coating (Pcs)

1 × with easy-clean antiallergic enamel

Spit frame (Pcs)

1 × chromed

Separate residual heat indicator

for each of the five cooking zones

Time remaining indicator



folding door fixable in any position

Full glass inner door with recipe table


Door glass



catalytic self-cleaning

Telescopic extension

optionally up to 3-fold

Inner lighting



Large roller-guided dish carriage with glass front

Adjustable feet

15 mm

Technical specifications
Dimensions H × W × D, (cm)

90,0 × 90,0 × 60,0

Power source


Mains voltage (V)

220 – 240

Frequency (Hz)


Power consumption (kW)


Fuse rating (A)


Meets safety


Net weight (kg)


Gross weight (kg)


Product line


Electronic Control Intelligent System

Full control over the unit’s electronic systems for fully automatic roasting and baking and optimization of all functions. The system also has an electronic timer.

This is part of the programming unit, which not only acts as a timer with an acoustic signal, but also allows the oven’s operating time to be programmed. You can easily set the start time and end time using the sensor keys. The remaining time is shown on the digital display.

Rotating knobs + Touch Display

Circulation system

It is used for cooling from the oven housing what enables the appliance to be installed in kitchen furniture of all kinds.

Electric rotisserie

The automatic electric rotisserie is suitable for large pieces of meat. Depending on the size of the dish, the infrared grill or the additional top heat can be switched on.

Infrared grill

The infrared grill is ideal if you prepare fish, steaks or toasts in the oven. If you like to eat crispy dishes, you can grill with the oven door open or by using the fan.

Hot air system

The modern hot air system works with the ring heater and fan. This guarantees the even circulation of the hot air up to the furthest corner of the baking chamber.

Side grid for slide-in parts

The stainless steel grids are very convenient for pulling out baking trays and grates without damaging the enamel. The removable side grills make it easier to clean the inside of the baking chamber and can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

The roller-guided dish drawer

It can be moved very easily and is very practical. Large pots fit easily into the dish drawer.

Catalytic self-cleaning

Thanks to permanent self-cleaning by catalysis, the device cleans itself automatically: Fat and sauce splashes cannot be removed more easily and conveniently! The side panels coated with catalytic enamel are easily removable and can be replaced after 5-6 years.

Eco-friendly easy clean enamel

The interior of the oven is coated with Easy clean enamel. That means healthy food, easy cleaning, and durability. The enamel from Kaiser is:

• Easy to clean

• Antibacterial

• Hygienic

• Suitable for nickel allergy sufferers

• Durable coating with long service life

• Glossy and smooth

• Colour and temperature resistance

Ceramic hobs

Our hobs with the induction heating elements have a super short glow-up time. The maximum temperature is reached in a few seconds, which saves time and energy. Thus, the glass ceramic cooktops are similar to gas stoves. They are made of the highest quality vitroceramic material and are distinguished by their elegant design. The ceramic cooktops are safe to use and easy to clean. The heating elements are controlled by means of continuously variable energy regulators.

Residual heat indication

As a precaution, the Kaiser ceramic heating surfaces are equipped with control indicators of the residual heat of each hearth ring. The LED indicator lights up until the temperature of the corresponding cooking zone is below 60°. This enables energy-saving reheating of dishes when the cooker is already switched off.


Glass ceramic induction hob with free heating elements. The FREE ZONE cooking zones allow the utensils to be placed anywhere on the hob without having to think about the size and quantity of utensils.

– Rectangular induction coils

– quantity, shape and size of the utensils are not important

– Complete freedom of movement for the utensils on the hob

– activation of the cooking zone only under the utensils

– High speed heating

– KEEP WARM heating function

– Timer / minute counter for each of the four cooking zones

– Automatic switch-off Safety Guard

– Residual heat display

– Electronic control Full Touch

– Power control Power Slide

– Parental lock