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Designer household appliances from Kaiser
On our website you can discover our high-quality products as well as detailed information about them. We present Kaiser kitchen appliances, which are a mixture of innovation and elegance from Italian designers.
Art Deco
Our customers also use the appliances in this model series in modern designer kitchens
Winner of the German Brand Award and the German Design Award
Each year, the German Design Council selects the leading brands and companies in their fields that stand out for their design and quality. Kaiser annually becomes a nominee and winner of the Brand Management Award
About us
In 2021 Kaiser had celebrated its 25th anniversary and for all these years it has always been our aim to offer our customers only the best quality, the most advanced technology and the most organic design. Who doesn’t want to create a pleasant atmosphere in their kitchen? That’s why we employ world-class designers and engineers to make your life even more comfortable and fulfilling.
About the company
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Kaiser, the manufacturer of high-quality household appliances in all categories, has been standing for excellent quality and comfort since 1995.
Our network of distributors and service centres covers the whole of Europe.

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