New model ranges •Art Déco• und •Belle Époque•, as well as •Empire•






Back to the Future!

Model range Art Déco


The new Art déco line is a successful addition to the retro ranges of Kaiser, which have gained great popularity among our customers. According to the growing demand in the development of the retro design kitchen build-in appliances, Kaiser completes the retro range with the highest functionality and the ease of use first-class, innovative kitchen build-in appliances, which can be recognised at first glance by the exclusive design and numerous Art déco decorative elements.

Multifunctional ovens Art Déco

The electric ovens EH 6726 * and EH 6427 * – the multifunctional devices with the catalytic and pyrolytic self-cleaning, tangential circulation system, and the simple and comfortable 2-stage telescopic system – have everything on board. By using the integrated, individually adjustable functions with Full touch or Joystick controls, the eco-friendly, low energy consumption technology from Art déco series enables the fast and delicious food preparation.
The models are available in 2 colors: Anthracite and Ivory. The shiny handles, knobs and decorative elements made of solid metal in the most beautiful noble Antique Gold performance which is amazingly well combined with modern accents.

* – AD – Anthracite
ElfAD – Ivory





The cooker hoods Art déco by Kaiser by means of the matt metal frames Antique Gold put the noble accents into style of this new model series.
This quiet and energy-efficient hood with more than 1,000 m³/h output is considered an attractive problem-solving offer with 3 different power levels even for professional cooking activities. It is equipped with two activated carbon filters to neutralize the odours and a metal grease filter made of metal, which are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The ergonomic Touch Screen Control and LED lighting make the operation of the cooker hood simple and effortless.
The decoration elements from the past, such as ergonomic and elegant handles made of massive metal with antique gold alloy, are equipped with trendy accents without compromising on function.
The cooker hoods are available in two colours – Anthracite and Ivory and two sizes in 60 and 90 cm.











Model range Belle Époque


The new models of our legendary model range Belle Époque are the successors to the retro design lines of Kaiser. The models Belle Époque are recognized by the special high-quality retro design, modern high efficiency and functionality of the devices.




Multifunctional electric ovens Belle Époque
nobility and modern features


The enamelled electric ovens Belle Époque with the buit-in electric analogue time switch are examples of the special high-quality retro design, efficiency and functionality of the devices.
In the electric oven Belle Époque the most outstanding features of Kaiser's best ovens are now presented in a new design. The built-in electric rotisserie and catalytic cleaning function increases the comfort and convenience of preparing oversize dishes. The electronic clock can be used as a Timer, short-time alarm and as a child safety function and allows the oven to be operated for a certain period of time and to prevent possible accidents.
The multi-functional devices are decorated with the comfortable, ergonomic and elegant handles and decorative elements from the solid metal with Antique Gold alloy and leather lining.The electric ovens are available in three colors: Anthracite, Ivory and Blue Glaze.




The cooker hoods  Belle Époque combine all the advantages of the proven cooker hoods – cooking in fresh air without disturbing noise, ultra-low noise emission and high-quality technology.
Thanks to powerful blowers with more than 1,000 m³/h output, 3-stage blowers and highly effective metal grease filter and two active carbon filters, the cleaning of your kitchen from different cooking fumes is made especially fast and effective. The hood is equipped with an ergonomic control and LED lighting. The appliances are equipped with the elegant decorative elements made of solid metal Antique Gold. The cooker hoods suit to the kitchen built-in appliances from the Belle Époque model range and are available in three colours and two sizes – in 60 and 90 cm width.

Model range Empire

As continuation of our popular line Belle Époque and returning to the design of European kitchen appliances of the second half of XIX – early XX centuries we present the product line Empire.

Front surface as in former times are covered with heat-resistant high-quality enamel: the model for your choice are presented in Anthracite finishing, which interpret the depth of black agate or Ivory finishing.

Rotating knobs, door handles, decorative plates are made of solid metal and take us back to a great time Empire.

Multifunctional ovens Empire

are presented in two categories – electric and gas-electric. All models have electric rotisserie, catalytic cleaning system, guides Telescope for soft extraction of the trays which carry a load up to 15 kg, triple-glazed easy-removable doors, analogue timer to remind you of ready prepared dishes.

Electric oven Multi 8 with eight functions satisfy the requirements of the most perfectionist chefs. With combination of the top/ bottom heat, grill, hot air function and rotisserie is easy to defrost food and cook high quality meals which are relevant today, as well as from grandmother's recipes.

Gas-electric ovens Empire with Gas-control system and Ignition by knob in addition to the lower multisectional burner have an upper electric heating element and a rotisserie. Alternating use of gas and electric heat sources leads to remarkable cooking results.

A catalytic cleaning helps you to clean the inner chamber. Grease and dirt start to burn off on the catalytic liners when the oven heats up to about 220 °C. It takes a wipe the liners when cleaning completed.

Massive metal control knobs, functions and temperature adjustment rings and temperature selection, door handles, window frames, solid front plates compel attention and create a pleasant feeling of vintage, reliability and stability

Gas hobs Empire

are the integral parts of the proposed collection. Four burners: two of them are standard, one economical one and powerful Turbo with triple flame 3.8 kW are decorated with stylish graphics.

Ignition and flame power adjustment are achieved in turning knobs the same as by ovens. Metal plates accentuate the charm of this model range.

Massive cast iron supports which convey the spirit of the age are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The admirers of Oriental cuisine and fusion fans will like iron an adapter for woks and cauldrons. For the coffee-achievers, we made a cast iron pot stand.

Cooker hoods Empire

continue this model range, they are equipped with quiet, high-performance engines and bright, efficient lamps.

Graceful massive metal plates, knobs, buttons, lamps attract the eye rims and give solidity and flair of antiquity.

We are confident that the know-how of our engineers in conjunction with the efforts of designers Kaiser will bring a lot of joy and pleasure, not only our long-standing customers, but also attract new enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty, elegance and reliability.

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